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Frequently Asked

  • How does acupuncture work?
    Based on ancient and modern principles acupuncture works by harmonizing imbalance in the body by inserting fine needles into specific points to balance qi (energy). When qi (energy) isn't flowing properly that is when dysfunction and pain happens. I always say that Acupuncture doesn't do anything the body isn't already capable of doing, it simply helps it get back to where it is meant to be!
  • What does cupping do?
    Cupping helps to loosen muscles, improve mobility, decrease pain and promote relaxation by allowing the smooth flow of blood and qi (energy). It uses suction to separate skin from muscles to support this smooth flow.
  • Does acupuncture hurt?
    When the needles are inserted some people will feel a tiny poke or pinch, many people won't feel anything at all. When the needle is in there may be a warmth or heaviness sensation, but many people won't feel anything. If there is any discomfort the sensation usually subsides within 20-30 seconds. If this doesn't subside and a patient is uncomfortable or in pain I will always remove the needle and the sensation will go away.
  • What can acupuncture help with?
    There are very few things acupuncture can't help with. The WHO (world health organization) has deemed dozens of conditions proven through clinical trials to be an effective treatment. Some of the most common things treated are: - musculoskeletal pain - digestion - sleep and fatigue - fertility and gynaecological disorders - emotional and mental disorders - headaches and migraines - skin conditions and rejuvenation - side effects of chemotherapy - allergies and asthma
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